Sun Care for Your Horse 

You remember to apply your sunscreen and grab a baseball cap to protect your face from the sun, but are you doing the same for your horse?

The sun can be just as harsh for your horse as it can for you, so finding a fly sheet with UV protection can help him avoid harmful rays while keeping him fly free. One good choice is the lightweight, cotton-polyester Amigo Flow fly sheet ($179.95;, which helps deflect the sun and keep flies away. The fabric provides 90% UV protection on the top and 65% protection on each side. 

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Sun protection
Photo by Alexander Moon

Extra Protection

When planning your horse’s sun protection plan, don’t forget about his mane and tail. This detangler spray provides SPF to help prevent sun bleach while repelling dust and debris. $12.99;

Dual Protection

This repellant spray shields your horse from insects and the sun to help keep your horse’s skin and hair coat in prime condition all summer long. $21.99;

Zinc Oxide Protection

If your horse’s face burns easily, opt for an equine sunblock. This sunblock is made with zinc oxide, citronella oil, and aloe vera to soothe the skin. $30.95;

sun protection
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