Support Your Seniors

Give your seniors a little extra help with these products specifically designed for older horses.

Jillian Sinclair

Keep your older horse comfortable and decrease inflammation, prevent or heal any injuries, and soothe his stiff muscles with help from SmartPak’s SmartTherapy ceramic mesh sheet ($199; This sheet’s ceramic-infused textile is placed over the chest, shoulders, back, and hindquarters to help warm up and rejuvenate key muscles areas. Plus, you can use it all year-round thanks to its breathable mesh material that help with venting and air flow. 

For Your Seniors

Keep your senior horse happy with these products.

1. Maintain Healthy Weight
Adding a weight builder into your horse’s daily diet can help your senior reach his ideal weight. Plus, it’ll promote healthy skin and a glossy coat. $37.95;

2. A Supportive Pad
As horses age, their bodies change—and so should their saddle pads. Here’s a pad designed to contour to your horse’s changing back and withers. $259.99;

3. Senior-Friendly Feed
Buy a feed specifically designed for seniors that has a higher protein and fat percentage, easily digestible oils, and extra vitamins in it. $31.96;

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