For the first time, Thiago Boechat, head trainer for Xtra Quarter Horses (a division of Silver Spurs Equine), will be representing his home country of Brazil at the World Equestrian Games (WEG). We had a chance to catch up with Thiago at the NRHA Derby and learn more about his journey to WEG and what it’s been like having the opportunity to show famed reining sire SG Frozen Enterprize—or “Iceman” as his fans know him by—at this year’s Games.

SG Frozen Enterprize, known to most as “Iceman,” will be Thiago Boechat’s mount for this year’s World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina.
Jennifer Paulson

H&R: When did Iceman make the move from the Arizona ranch to the Oklahoma ranch?

TB: After last year’s breeding season came to an end Iceman was sent to me, and then this year we stood him at the Oklahoma ranch where I’ve been riding him ever since. 

H&R: What was your first impression of him when you threw your leg over him for the first time?

TB: I loved him. And I still do. He’s one of my favorite horses I’ve ever ridden. 

H&R: What about Iceman makes him one of your favorites?

TB: He’s really great minded. Even for a horse that’s shown as much as he has, he’s always fresh minded when it’s time to ride. Coming from a breeder’s point of view, his personality makes me want to breed to him—which is exactly what I did. We bred more mares to him than any of our other studs this year. 

Trainer Thiago Boechat says Iceman’s gentle personality is one of the reasons he’s such a great mount for this year’s World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina. Jennifer Paulson

H&R: What’s his personality like on a day-to-day basis? 

TB: He’s so easy to be around. In fact, I think he’s the next Wimpys Little Step (who also stands at Xtra Quarter Horses). When we got Wimpy I was so impressed with how good minded he is; my kids go into Wimpy’s stall to go ride him, and I didn’t think we’d ever come across another horse like him. But Iceman is the same way! He’s as gentle as it comes. I like to think I have two Wimpys in the barn now. 

HR&: What are you looking forward to most at this year’s World Equestrian Games held in Tryon?

TB: I’m looking forward to representing my home country. This will be the first time I’m competing at WEG. I did have the opportunity to judge the reining portion of WEG in 2010 when it was held in Kentucky. I’ve also heard great things about Tryon facility and am looking forward to being there. 

Thank you Thiago Boechat for taking time to talk to us about Iceman and your journey to the World Equestrian Games. You can learn more about Iceman and Thiago by visiting Xtra Quarter Horses

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