5 Things to Know About Taylor Singmaster

Here are five things you should know about our guest on The Ride, Taylor Singmaster.

Here are five things you should know about our guest on The Ride, Taylor Singmaster.

Taylor Singmaster is not only a champion in the show ring, but a champion of equine therapy. Taylor sat down with hosts of The Ride, Michaela Jaycox and Nichole Chirico, to talk about her latest endeavors and how she went from show ring to business owner.

This episode will be released on April 14, 2020!

1. Taylor won a championship at the 2007 All American Quarter Horse Congress.

Taylor rode her gelding Jack Drove a Bentley better known as “Bentley” to a western pleasure championship at the 2007 AQHA Congress. Bentley is now retired from showing and resides in California with Taylor.

2. Taylor volunteered at Heroes and Horses.

After hearing about Heroes and Horses on Justin Timberlake’s social media, Taylor watched the documentary “500 Miles” to learn more about the organization. After watching the film, Taylor and her friend knew they had to volunteer. Taylor explains that the experience was tough, but what she learned from it was worth it.

3. Taylor has sponsored/adopted a mustang at Heroes and Horses.

Taylor found a creative way to sponsor a mustang for the Heroes and Horses program. She encouraged her students to start their own businesses to help raise the required $5,000. The group raised well over the goal and are now able to own him after his time at Heroes and Horses.

4. Taylor owns Eq Wellness.

After volunteering at Heroes and Horses and having a few other experiences with equine therapy, Taylor decided to start her own business. Eq Wellness uses Equine Facilitated Wellness to inspire self-discovery and healing through horses. While Taylor focuses on women and children in her program, Eq Wellness is open to all demographics that fit the program requirements.

5. Taylor coaches the Stanford IHSA and AEL Western equestrian teams.

After competing at the collegiate level, herself, Taylor realized how being on an equestrian team not only teaches students about the importance of responsibility, but also builds community. Taylor realized that many of her students didn’t have the same horse-show experience she had, so this is her opportunity to help fellow equestrians achieve their horse-show goals.

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