Trivia Challenge: Goals for a New Year

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Illustration by Navah Rae Adams

1. True or false: You’re 42% more likely to accomplish your goal if you write it down.

T / F

2. True or false: You and your horse may not be suited for every event or level of competition. 

T / F

3. You can track your goal progress by…

A) Videoing yourself

B) Logging your rides

C) All of the above

4. The best way to handle setbacks is to…

A) Worry about yesterday and dread the next ride

B) Learn from it, shake it off, and go on

C) Dwell on the problem 

HOW’D YOU DO? (Answers below.)

1. T is correct. When you write something down, you’re 42% more likely to accomplish your goal versus someone who doesn’t write anything down. This helps your brain filter out distractions and keeps you focused on what you’re trying to achieve. 

2. T is correct. Horses have physical limitations in the form of things like conformation, athletic ability, and existing conditions or injuries, as well as training. You might be limited by financial circumstances, education/riding skills, time you can commit to riding, or physical problems. These factors play major roles in setting goals and working to achieve them.

3. C is correct. It’s easier to see your progress—or mistakes—when you watch yourself on video. Writing things down in a journal lets you track progress each day and gives you guidelines to reassess your goals so you continue to have a purpose when you’re riding your horse.

4. B is correct. Never worry about yesterday; always think about tomorrow. That’s what moves you forward.

[Learn more! Set goals for 2021.]

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