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1. When riding in the winter it’s best to ride in…

A) Insulated boots

B) Layers

C) Chaps

D) All of the above

2. True or false: Riding in deep, heavy snow can be tiring for your horse. 

T / F

3. True or false: Winter riding doesn’t require any longer warm up than a summer day. 

T / F

4. If you’re riding on slick, frozen ground you should…

A) Dismount to help lead your horse across the ground. 

B) Stay mounted. Your horse has four legs to balance, you only have two. 

C) Stop your horse suddenly to examine the ground conditions. 

5. True or false: Boron is a hard-surfacing material applied to the bottom of horseshoes to increase traction in slippery winter conditions.

T / F

6. After a bracing winter ride that works up a good sweat, your horse’s cool-down:

A) will be quick because of the cold temperature.

B) should be a longer, multi-step process.

C) should be the same as in warm weather.

HOW’D YOU DO? (Answers below.)

1. D is correct. Wearing insulated boots will keep your feet warm, while wearing layers allows you to keep your body warm while being able to take layers off if you get too warm, and chaps will protect your legs from the cold and wind. 

2. True is correct. Fine, powdery, dry snow is easier for your horse to step through than wet, heavy snow is.

3. False is correct. On cold days your horse’s muscles will take longer to warm up. 

4. B is correct. Staying mounted on your horse—if you can—will keep you safe. If you dismount, you could slip and fall causing a dangerous situation. 

5. False is correct. Sorry…tricky question…because it’s borium—not boron—that farriers apply to horseshoes to increase traction.

6. B is correct. Towel-dry your horse and use multiple coolers as need be to soak up the sweat until he’s truly dry. (Putting a winter blanket on a wet horse is a good way to give him a chill, defeating the purpose of blanketing him in the first place.)

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