The Vacation I’ll Never Forget

You describe the best—or worst—horse-related trip you ever took.

My trip-of-a-lifetime was five days on horseback in the Idaho mountains, pushing a herd of horses over 70 miles. It was challenging for my four riding buddies and me, but the horses, scenery, and hosts made it unforgettable.

Michele Buckley, Ontario, Canada

The best part of my stay with my aunt and uncle in Hawaii last June was horseback riding on the beach, then watching the sunset. Best of all: I get to do it again this year!

Pam Hoover, Washington

A wonderful friend challenged me and six other ladies to a four-day camp and trail ride in Idaho’s breathtaking Bitterroot Mountains. We rode all day on the best horses, slept in tents, ate Dutch-oven meals, laughed around the campfire, washed in a cold stream. Wonderful memories!

Grace Brown, California

My family and I visit the wonderful White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, twice a year. The ranch even attracts visitors from Europe, both the mainland and the British Islands.

Elizabeth Coen, California

When I was 6, my family went on a trail ride in Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains. Dad’s saddle was loose, and as he yelled up to the ride leader—“Hey, mister, I think my saddle’s loose!”—down he slid, right into the mud. The look on his face was priceless.

Brandi Robison, Ohio

During a two-hour trail ride in Brussels, Belgium, the horse I was riding took off at a gallop. It was horribly scary, but at least I stayed on.

Kaitlyn Olson, Virginia

We arrived at our hotel after driving many miles to a reining clinic, only to find terrible service. The place was poorly kept by unfriendly staff. We ended up pulling an all-nighter and driving home, instead.

Megan D’Andrea, Ohio

On a five-day, 100-mile ride in Scotland, we rode out from a different inn each day—devouring trail-side picnics, enjoying spirited canters on gorgeous Gypsy horses, exploring castles and cairns, lunching and drinking at local pubs. Perfect weather, perfect horses, perfect hosts!

Marilyn Long, Massachusetts

During a week’s stay in Puerto Rico, my family and I rode gaited Paso Finos on the beach. Those horses were so smooth, yet so spirited—a great experience.

Olivia Gibbs, Rhode Island

I loved beach camping in Bandon, Oregon. Sand dunes, galloping bareback for miles on the beach, curious seals bobbing their heads from the surf. Grilled lobster and homemade pukilani pasta salad. Sleeping near my horse, listening to the crashing waves and coyotes singing in the distance.

Brenda Kay, Oregon

Visiting my grandparents, I took a ride on Jet, their 17-hand black Thoroughbred gelding. Trying to impress them with my skills, I asked for a lope, but Jet flew into a bucking fit, instead. I wound up impressing everyone just by staying on!

Kylie Rice, Minnesota

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