Yes, They Really Said That

You share the funniest thing you’ve heard from the mouth of a non-horseperson.

“You mean they poop inside?” From my boss, after I explained the term “mucking stalls.”

 Vicki Grant, Indiana

“Your horse has such pretty blue eyes. Is he blind?” From all sorts of people, about my Paint.

Patty Williams, California

“Careful down there,” said my city-bred boyfriend as I was hosing off my horse. “You’re getting cold water on his gelding.”

Juliet Williamson, Oregon

“Is that a cow?” From a little boy staring at my Paint gelding Sonny, who was tied next to several solid-colored horses.

Carol Jones, Ontario, Canada

“What kind of dog is that?” From a motorist who pulled over to query me as I was walking my 6-month-old weanling down the road.

Connie Young, Pennsylvania

“How often do you have to brush their teeth?” From a non-horsey co-worker.

Michele Buckley, Ontario, Canada

“Have you gelded him?,” a feed-store clerk asked a new rider who was complaining about the out-of-control stallion he’d bought. “Yeah, we’ve yelled at ’im and yelled at ’im, but it doesn’t do any good,” he replied.

James Arthur Anderson, Florida

“We’re wondering—what did these horses do to be punished by wearing those hoods?” From a father who had stopped, with his young son, at our stable to look at the horses.

Brenda Schwartz, Oregon

“Is that metal thing in his mouth supposed to prevent him from biting someone?” From one of my non-riding friends.

Megan D’Andrea, Ohio

“I thought he was going to eat it!” From a co-worker who hid her hot dog behind her back when I introduced her to my horse at a show.

Marilyn Long‬, Massachusetts

“I thought you just threw them in the washer.” From one of two people discussing the best ways to clean sheaths.

Tim Bonham, Pennsylvania

“Is it a Quarter Horse?,” asked a fellow about my Miniature Horse mare
because, as he put it, she was “a quarter of the size of a regular horse.”

Kaylee Grow, Ohio

“Why do you like riding horses, anyway? All you do is sit on the horse and steer.”‬ A favorite comment of my friends, who won’t be riding my horse anytime soon.

Jade Bartnicki, Utah

“I just hooked the leash onto her collar and led her right in!” From a dog-loving friend who did our chores while we were away for the weekend.

Becky Williams, Minnesota

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