My Collection: Side Tack

The Collector: Zane Bruce Mineral Wells, Texas

The Collection:

Bruce, of Zane Bruce Performance Horses, attends 20 to 25 American Quarter Horse Association and American Rope Horse Futurity Association shows annually, meaning he needs a sizeable collection of gear to fit the seven horses he hauls to each competition.


His Bloomer Trailer, with its side tack, is critical for housing enough gear for all of the horses for which he’s responsible.

“Showing at the Quarter Horse shows, there are so many times we load in and out,” Bruce said. “Trailers with a back tack usually only hold about four saddles. With all of the horses we bring, we need a trailer to house a much bigger collection. Plus, with this rig, you can unload your saddles straight into your tack stall. It’s convenient, and you’ve got everything right there.”

Bruce’s trailer fits all the Stray Star Saddles he needs for the horses he hauls, plus the CSI Saddle Pads and Classic Equine Zone Series show pads he relies on.

“I always bring a big part of my bridle collection,” Bruce added. “I might have a lot, but really, I only ride three or four because I get the best results from them. But when you take all of these horses everywhere, you never know what you might need. I’d rather be prepared.” 

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