Ranch Sorting Q&A: Insights from RSNC

Ranch Sorting is one of the fastest-growing membership sports in the equine industry. To gain a deeper understanding of this fast-paced sport, we sat down with Logan Wolfe, Director of Events at the Ranch Sorting National Championships (RSNC), to answer some key questions.

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What is the Ranch Sorting National Championships?

Ranch Sorting National Championships is the sanctifying organization for the sport of ranch sorting. Founded in 2007 by Dave Wolfe and Van Gemmill, RSNC has rapidly grown from 700 teams in its first year to over 8,000 teams at recent world finals. As Logan Wolfe shares, “RSNC is all about encouraging participation from all skill levels, making it easier for newcomers to join and enjoy the sport.” This inclusive approach has helped RSNC become a premier event in the equine community, with a strong focus on novice and amateur riders. The sport has seen tremendous growth and Wolfe adds, “We are just getting started!”

What Makes Ranch Sorting Challenging and Unique for Horses and Riders?

What sets ranch sorting apart from other cattle events? The challenge lies in the split-second decisions made by both horses and riders. Logan explains, “What makes it exciting and difficult is there’s 11 head of cattle, two horses, and two partners. And with all those brains, all coming up with different decisions all the time, you never get the same run twice.” This element of unpredictability keeps both participants and spectators on their toes.

Additionally, ranch sorting emphasizes precision and control. Logan notes, “The barrier to entry is a lot lower for sorting than learning how to team rope for example. Also, this sport requires a good deal of finesse giving it an appeal to ranchers and horsemen.”

How Would You Describe the Community Around Ranch Sorting?

The sense of community in ranch sorting is perhaps one of its most appealing aspects. “The culture is as important if not more important than the competition itself,” says Logan Wolfe. “Contestants choose to spend their free time at ranch sorting events because the sport encompasses the western lifestyle, is family friendly, and is fun! It is as simple as that.

RSNC also has an automatic draw system, which ensures that even newcomers have a chance to compete with seasoned riders. Logan explains, “We have an automatic draw meaning that if you enter in a class, you must have one draw ride. That accomplishes a couple of things. First off, for the people that are brand new and maybe don’t have a partner with them, they have a chance to draw anybody in the class which grows community.” This fairness and inclusivity make ranch sorting a welcoming environment for all participants.

Looking Towards the Future, What is Your Hope for the Evolution of Ranch Sorting?

Exciting developments are on the horizon for RSNC, thanks in part to its recent acquisition by Equine Network, LLC. Logan Wolfe is optimistic about what this means for the sport’s future. “The big news is that the Equine Network has just acquired RSNC. And I’m very excited about what that could bring for the sport of ranch sorting because of their expertise in marketing and also their track record of growing other equine events,” he says.

RSNC is also introducing new programs and opportunities for its members. “We’re also continuing to develop different things for our existing members like a Hall of Fame to honor the sport’s greatest or the Challenge of the Champions Program that tracks money won throughout the year,” Logan adds.

From Your Perspective as the Director of Events, What Has Been the Most Rewarding Aspect of Being Involved with RSNC?

For Logan Wolfe, the journey with RSNC has been deeply personal and incredibly rewarding. “I’ve been involved from the very beginning when the sport started. I’ve done every part of this sport from competing all the way to working the cattle run, running the gates, announcing, and secretary,” he shares.

One of the most gratifying aspects for Logan has been witnessing the growth and development of riders and horses. “I’ve taken a lot of pride in riding and competing and getting better. And, you know, I still want to get a lot better, but that’s what’s been exciting me about ranch sorting: the level of horsemanship is really improving,” he says.


Ranch sorting offers a unique blend of challenge, community, and opportunity, making it a standout sport in the equine world. With its emphasis on finesse, inclusivity, and personal growth, it’s no wonder that RSNC continues to attract horse enthusiasts from all walks of life.

If you’re interested in getting involved, Logan Wolfe recommends checking out the RSNC website to find a local producer in your area. “Go to an event! Call the producer and see if they have practices and clinics if you want to start there. If you have cow sense and have a horse familiar with working them, then you are ahead of the game and ready to enter and try your hand,” he advises.

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