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  • What's He Saying?

    Certain kinds of behavior are clear signals from your horse. Here’s what they mean, and what to do in response.

  • Learning Lead Changes

    Teach your young horse to change leads the easy way to avoid future frustration.

  • Cutting-Edge Cures

    Could one of the new regenerative therapies heal your horse’s soft-tissue injury? Get your answers here.

  • Buckle Up for Blanket Season

    2016’s best blankets.

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  • Understand Your Horse's Blood Work
  • Overcome a Setback
  • Manage Horse-Show Down Time
  • Get Stronger in the Saddle

This Week's Tip

Rein Care

Leather: Use a glycerin-based leather cleaner to remove dirt and grime, while keeping your leather hydrated and soft. Nylon: Fill a bucket with water and mild dish soap, then use a scrub brush to...... more

Featured Items

Fitting a Horse Blanket

Use this handy reference for getting a perfect fit when you buy a blanket for your horse. By Elaine Pascoe for Horse & Rider magazine. more

Conformation Clinic

Evaluate and place these yearling Appaloosa fillies in your order of preference. Then see how your choices compare to our expert judge’s.

The Latest Videos

#ReadyToRide: Analysis of a Performance Gelding's Conformation

Al Dunning analyzes a gelding's conformation and shares the pros and cons of his performance potential.

Article Archive

The Equine 401(k)

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Do you have a plan for your horse’s retirement? Follow my tips for easing your horse out of work during his golden years. Read More

A Foundation for Success

by Bob Avila A horse’s soundness and ability to perform depend on his feet. Read More

Break Out the Bowtie

by Jennifer Paulson Use this bow-shaped pattern to keep your horse engaged, soften his body, and elevate his shoulders. Read More

Thrifty Summer Fun

by Jennifer von Geldern Enjoy your horses this summer, while keeping an eye on your budget. Read More

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  • The Jurga Report

    Open Wide! Free Equine Dentistry Reference Collection Published Online

    To support the continuing advancements in dentistry for horses, the Equine Veterinary Journal has released a research collection of peer-reviewed equine dentistry articles with free online access. Proficiency in equine dentistry is becoming a standard requirement in veterinary practice and significant progress in recent years has made it necessary for veterinarians to update their knowledge.... | more

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