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Become Confident Loping a Straight Line with Andrea Fappani
Andrea Fappani Video Tip Series In this video brought to you by Polyglycan, hear from $8 Million Dollar NRHA rider and expert horseman, Andrea Fappani, about the importance of practicing straight lines...
Mind Full? Learn How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Bond With Your Horse
This article is part of our Mental Health Awareness Month. Brought to you by Touched by a Horse. Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present and engaged in the current moment. Instead of having...
Is Your Horse Bored of Your Riding Routine?
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The Importance of Pattern Practice at Home with Andrea Fappani
Did your horse get any fun pony presents this year (2)
How Your Simple Cues Impact Your Horse With Andrea Fappani
Fundamentals of a Good Stop with Andrea Fappani
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How Matt Koch is Preparing for The American Performance Horseman
Veterinarian examining horse leg tendons
Your Horse's Lumps & Bumps
4 Wisconsin Horses Positive for Strangles
Virginia Horse Positive for Strangles

The Ride brought to you by Horse&Rider is a bi-weekly podcast co-hosted by Editor Nichole Chirico and Digital Editor Devin Conley. In each episode, Chirico and Conley sit down with some of the industry’s top trainers, clinicians, and professionals to share inspiring stories, training philosophies, and the importance of living your best Western horse life.

Winning Insights: Melisa Pearce and How Horses Help Us (Part 2)
Winning Insights: Melisa Pearce and How Horses Help Us (Part 1)
The Ride Ep. 98: Linde von Koeding on Being Horse&Rider's Trainer of the Year
Winning Insights: Forehand Turn vs. Spin with Cody Crow
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Horse&Rider OnDemand is here to help you achieve your riding goals with reliable training and horse-care tips when you need it where you want it. At the barn, in the arena, or around the tack room—you can access information from world champion trainers Brad Barkemeyer and Bud Lyon anywhere your Western horse life takes you.

Using a Roping Machine for Cow Horse Training
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Finding the Focus
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Judging a Non Pro’s Pattern
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Evaluating a 4-Year-Old Horse
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horse and rider
Be a Good Leader on the Trail
If you find yourself riding point on the trail as the lead horse, you have some extra responsibility on your hands. You want to ensure that the group you’re leading stays safe, and has an enjoyable...
A bay horse and cowboy overlooking the valley on a long distance trail ride
On the Trail First-Aid Kit
When venturing out on a trail rides, it’s essential to prioritize the safety and well-being of both you and your horse. Regardless of how experienced you both are, accidents and unexpected injuries...
Five cowboys riding over open grassland
Group-Ride Etiquette on the Trail
First Snow
Avoid Frostbite
Costa Rican Paso
The Experience of Lifetime is Aboard Costa Rica’s Gaited Horses
Navigating Water Crossings on the Trail
Horse legs with hooves close-up. Skin of chestnut horse
Can You Pass This Joint Health Quiz?
Who's Your Daddy?
Barn Fly Facts
Equine Lameness Check
This Concerning Trend is Having a Serious Impact on Equine Vets
There is a concerning trend in the world of equine healthcare. The equine veterinary profession is grappling with a concerning rise of burnout and attrition. This is leading to a shortage of experienced...
Dark bay horse eating feed from a black rubber pan outdoors in the evening
Explaining Extruded Feed
Have you seen the term “extruded” on a feed tag lately, and wondered what that was all about? Let’s break it down. Extruded horse feed undergoes a specialized processing method known...
When to Make the Switch to Senior Feed
Magic Cushion Step 2
Discover the Secrets of Hoof Packing Level Up in Horse Care with Mitch Taylor!
A front view of a rider and horse running ahead
Ready to Ride? Don't Skip the Warm-Up
Horse in stable
Noticed Swelling? Take These 5 Steps Before You Panic
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