Bob Goddard


Oskar the Invisible Horse

Over the decades, my riding Sensei, Karin, has accumulated a large repertoire of instructional techniques. Things like tucking a $10 bill (not hers) between rider and saddle to encourage a proper seat.
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Two’s a Crowd

The two horses didn't like each other. I didn't want to get caught in the middle.
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Humor: The Lords of Underbrush

While there are many equestrian disciplines, there are only two kinds of riding lessons: Circle Lessons and Adventure Lessons. We all know which one is more fun. So, given the choice, it’s into the woods we go.
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Boarding-Barn Borrowing

I refuse to board my daughters’ horses at any barn that doesn’t have access to plenty of trails. The place can be perfect in every other aspect: price; cleanliness; condition; size of
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Equine Employment

I recently discovered that my wife, Jenny — whom I thought I knew — likes to watch bronco riding on TV. But she doesn’t watch it for the competition. She tunes in because, she says,
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Barn Anthropologist Observes Horse Barn Life in its Natural State

My job is to observe Barn Life in its natural state and then report back. A Barn Anthropologist, if you will.
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Safety on the Trail

Trail riding requires that the rider practice a degree of safety, but as the author found out, young people and horses are often unpredictable and will forgo safety equipment for the thrill.
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Horse Loading Trouble

Find out how to get your horse to load into his trailer properly with our tips and information.
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Urban Horseback Riders

The most notorious Urban Riders I've ever known were two of my daughter's friends, Anna and Andrea. For this pair, the city offered a multitude of trail-riding opportunities
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Sharing the Trail

In some cases, many users have access to trails, including bicycles, joggers, motorized vehicles, horses, dogs and walkers. Trail riding etiquette is important for everyone to have an enjoyable experience.
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