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Be Brave at the Lope, Overcome Fear

Does loping make you nervous? Do you wish it could be more fun and less nerve-racking? Follow our tips and learn to ease your anxieties.
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Patience Matters When Introducing Leg Pressure

Introduce your horse to leg pressure with patience, knowing when to ask for more and knowing when to end on a good note.
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Make Your Trailer a Fly-Free Zone

Travel in comfort with these tips to keep your horse trailer a less welcoming environment for flies and let your horse travel in peace.
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Warm-Up Deep Dive

Use your warm-up to identify pieces that need addressing in your riding session and where your horse is—mentally and physically—to get the most out of your ride.
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Can Correct Leg Position Improve Your Riding?

Understanding how to ask your horse to move different parts of his body, is a skill that requires correct leg position.
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Ride with Purpose

Spending time in the saddle is the best way to build confidence. Richard Winters explains the importance of having purpose for every ride.
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Matt Mills’ Key Tips for Confidence

Confidence in the show pen starts at home. Read Matt Mills' tips for pattern prep at home to help you gain confidence for your next show.
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