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Trivia Challenge: What’s Your ‘Obstacle IQ’?

Answer the questions, then check at bottom for the key. For more fun and educational information about horses and horsemanship, read H&R’s ‘The Ride’ newsletter. (Not getting it? Sign up below.)
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Trail-Class Back-Through

When done properly, an L-shaped back-through in a trail pattern should look almost effortless. Acing this type of maneuver requires hours of practice, teaching your horse to back with ease and cadence while listening to a combination of your hand, leg, and seat cues.
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Invisible Guidance

Learn how to control your horse’s speed and direction with subtle riding cues.
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Metal Trail Gate

If you show in the trail class, you’re probably quite familiar with the rope gate obstacle. It’s easy for show management to transport and set up, and it’s forgiving when it comes to working the obstacle. But now we’re seeing the metal trail gate return to the show pen, which adds another item to prepare to face in a class.
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Destination Addiction

There’s a common misconception among horses and humans that what we want lies somewhere else. It’s why horses graze on the other side of a fence when the grass is just as green and lush on their side. And why humans long for something—tangible or not—that we don’t have.
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Julie Goodnight Trail Gate

Trail-Class Gate

Working a rope gate for the trail class requires style and finesse. Here are pointers for earning high marks.
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Measure Stride Length for Trail Class Lope-Overs promo image

Measure Stride Length for Trail Class Lope-Overs

Master trail class lope-overs by learning how to gauge your horse's stride length with this private lesson from Charlie Cole.
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