Riding Solo

Here's how to reduce your risk for injury on solo trail rides, and what to do should a problem arise.
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Saddle Sore No More

As we get older, time in the saddle can bring on aches and pains. Here’s one horseman’s advice on how to minimize discomfort and enjoy your rides.
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Packing 101: You Can Do It!

Does packing into the backcountry with a pack horse or mule seem too complicated to master? I had a similar experience with another backcountry skill. Many years ago, I stood hip-deep in the crystal-clear
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Horse Containment While Camping

We were camped under aspens at an idyllic spot where two creeks met, our tent on high ground between the gurgling streams, our spirits not dampened by the several inches of new wet snow that weighed
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Horse Restraint in the Backcountry

Many years ago, on a pack trip with my two young sons, the importance of careful horse restraint in the backcountry was drummed into me with the sudden sounds of pounding hooves and crackling branches.
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Hunting-Season Safety Guide promo image

Hunting-Season Safety Guide

This fall, stay safe on the trail with these five practical hunting-season guidelines.
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Alone in the Wilderness promo image

Alone in the Wilderness

The Trail Rider contributor Dan Aadland shares his personal experiences of being alone in the wilderness
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Light and Alone in the Backcountry

Spending time alone in the backcountry with your horse can be a transcendent experience. Here's how to go light and stay safe on solo treks.
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Ride Through Winter promo image

Ride Through Winter

Our seasoned Montana horseman and Tennessee Walking Horse breeder shares his best winter tales and tells you how to keep riding through the coldest season.
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Riding Alone: A Lesson from Rockytop

Dan Aadland, with The Trail Trider Magazine, shares his experience with Rocktop, the first colt he's trained and raised by himself.
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Ground-Driving Training Technique

Ground-driving has been a successful training technique for centuries, and in a wide variety of disciplines. For instance, trainers at the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna rely on ground-driving to teach their Lipizzaner stallions essential lessons on their way to advanced dressage.
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Be Green on Your Next Trail Ride

Create a green, environmentally friendly, low-impact backcountry horse camp, and respect the trails, with these 10 tips from our seasoned Montana outfitter.
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Trail Riding Tips for Baby Boomers

Feeling your age on trail rides? Here's a guide to staying in the saddle as the years advance.
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Trail Riding the Big Open in Montana

Feeling a little lazy and sore from trail riding the previous day, I snuggled more deeply into my sleeping bag and watched through the trailer window. Only moments ago, the stars had been brilliant, but now they faded as the buttes dotting the landscape became discernable in the coming dawn. Very soon the eastern horizon turned pink, then brilliant red, and then, celebrating the coming of another great day, a chorus of coyotes saluted the lighting of this vast stage. High treble wails were punct
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Pack Light

Learn why you should pack your saddle light for you trail ride.
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