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Trail to Ranch

Ranch horse pleasure puts your trail horse’s moves to the test.
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On-Trail First-Aid Kit

Here's what to pack in your on-trail first-aid kit, and how to use each item.
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Riding-Helmet Tips

Stay safe on your riding adventures with this handy guide to helmet selection, fit, and basic care.
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4 Winter-Feeding Tips

If you live in a cold area of the country, take the following steps to ensure your horse’s nutritional requirements are met during winter months.
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Six Cool-Down Strategies for Your Horse promo image

Six Cool-Down Strategies for Your Horse

Beating the heat involves water -- both on the inside of your horse via drinking and on the outside of your horse via hosing down.
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Quench Your Horse's Winter Thirst

Dehydration is your horse's worst enemy. Here's how to help keep your horse hydrated all winter long.
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Fall: The Best Trail Riding Season promo image

Fall: The Best Trail Riding Season

Fall is the best time of the year to enjoy trail rides. Horses are spirited on trail rides, their riders energetic, the trails more inviting than ever. But trail riding during this beautiful season of the year presents some challenges for the trail rider.
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Trail-Riding Safety Tips

Follow these trail-riding safety tips, whether you ride your horse during the day or decide to go night riding.
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The Dingo Leading Lesson

The Dingo is an easy leading lesson from Linda Tellington-Jones. The leading lesson, the Dingo and the V, from Linda Tellington-Jones, encourages your horse to move forward safely through obstacles on the trail. The Dingo leading lesson, explained by Linda Tellington-Jones, teaches your horse to trust you, and trust that you won?t ask him to do something impossible
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Trail Ride Destination: Timber Ridge Horse Campground promo image

Trail Ride Destination: Timber Ridge Horse Campground

Timber Ridge Horse Campground was voted the best horse campground for 2010 on, winning the Five-Star Award. Timber Ridge Horse Campground is adjacent to The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, Jamestown, Tenn. To earn the award, a campground must receive the most Five-Star ratings from trail riders. In 2010, trail riders posted more than 800 ratings on 267 horse campgrounds, including Timber Ridge Horse Campground.
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