2024 Trainer of the Year

The Horse&Rider Trainer of the Year is someone who gives back to the community, inspires people to be the best horsemen and -women they can be, and loves the horse more than the sport. The Trainer of the Year is not necessarily measured by world championships, or money won, but by the impact they have had on their community. The Trainer of the Year takes pride in caring for their horses and is passionate about developing riders. If you would like to nominate yourself to be trainer of the year or to nominate your trainer, you can do so with this application. Applications will be closed on Aug 31, 2024. 

[Read about the 2023 Horse&Rider Trainer of the Year here.]

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The trainer must focus on Western disciplines.
Describe your/your trainer’s professional background, including how many years you/your trainer has been a horse trainer/riding coach and any relevant certifications or qualifications you/your trainer holds. Explain your/your trainer’s approach to horse care and how you/your trainer ensures the well-being of the horses in the program.
Explain how you/your trainer has contributed to your local equestrian community and the impact of your involvement. Share specific examples of programs, clinics, or initiatives you/your trainer has started or participated in. Can you provide a story of a rider you/your trainer has mentored who has significantly benefited from your/your trainer’s guidance? How do you/your trainer promote and encourage good sportsmanship among your/your trainer’s riders and peers?
What drives your/your trainer’s passion for training and developing riders and horses? How do you/your trainer inspire your riders to be the best horsemen and -women they can be? What values do you/your trainer instill in your riders, and how do you/your trainer model these values in your daily work? How do you/your trainer balance the love for the sport with the love and care for the horse?
Do you/your trainer currently use supplements in your training program? If so, which ones and why? Are you/your trainer currently sponsored by a supplement company? If so, which one. Would you/your trainer be interested in exploring an ambassador role with Cosequin®? How do you see yourself promoting the benefits of Cosequin® supplements to your/your trainer’s community?
Please include a link to a short video of you/your trainer “in action” which could be competing, training/schooling, or coaching. This video is a great opportunity to showcase the quality of horses and riders in your program as well as to demonstrate your ability to promote good sportsmanship and encourage growth of the horse or rider.
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