During this time we’re taking extra precautions and self quarantining to keep others in our community healthy. We want to offer daily tips that’ll help you pass the time during your self quarantine and even give you a jump start to your spring cleaning.

Leather: Use a glycerin-based leather cleaner to remove dirt and grime, while keeping your leather hydrated and soft.

Nylon: Fill a bucket with water and mild dish soap, then use a scrub brush to remove any dirt or sweat build-up. Rinse reins and hang to dry.

Rawhide: Wipe down after every ride with a dry cloth. For a deeper clean, apply a rawhide cream. Hang to dry in the shade to avoid sun-bleaching.

Have Mold? Pour hydrogen peroxide on an old rag and wipe down any moldy spots you see. Then clean reins as normal.

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