Comfort for Your Senior Horse

Accessories for Seniors

SAFETY TIP: If you’re turning your horse out or riding him, remove your Hock Shield to avoid restricting movement.

Help Hock Sores

Hock sores, common in senior horses as well as younger ones, require immediate attention to keep them from developing into larger wounds that can diminish quality of life, especially in senior horses. But the hock is a tricky area to treat due to the amount of movement that happens there. A full-coverage hock boot is an option for a horse that frequently develops hock sores. The Hock Shield ($48.95; has an outer shell made from a tear-resistant neoprene while the lining is made of soft fleece and can be worn as often as needed.


Products for Seniors

Keep your senior horse healthy and happy with these products.

1. SmartStride Senior Pellets

This supplement is designed to help support your horse’s joints, tendons, and ligaments so he can continue moving comfortably. Starting at $44.81;

2. Magnetic Boots

Increase blood flow while reducing inflammation and soreness with the help of a magnetic boot; but be sure to only use in short intervals. $60.88;

3. Grazing Muzzle

Limit your horse’s grass intake without restricting his ability to breathe and drink with this lightweight grazing muzzle. $109.95;

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