Barn-Cooling Products for Home and Away

Check out these items designed to help your barn or show stall stay safely and comfortably cool.

Model: Isis ceiling fan.
Maker: Big Ass Fans.
Why buy: Cool a large area with one unit. Ranging in diameter from 8 feet to 10 feet, Isis moves more air than nine standard ceiling fans at just one-third the energy cost.
Cool feature: The proprietary prime mover enables near-silent operation at maximum speed.
More info: (877) 244-3267;
Price: Starting at $3,550.00.
Model: Adjustable box-fan holder.
Maker: Weaver Leather, LLC.
Why buy: This clever yet simple device can hold a standard 20-inch box fan above your horse for cooling, and keep it safely out of his reach.
Cool features: Quick-release buckles, slides for size adjustments, and separate tilt strap allow you to adjust fan to desired angle.
More info: (800)932-8371;
Price: $20.39

Port-A-Cool JetStream PACJS1600.
Advanced Misting Systems.
Why buy:
This powerful, transportable unit, made in the USA, features a 42-gallon water reservoir and delivers 4,000 cubic feet of cooled air per minute for comfort throughout the barn aisle.
Cool features:
You get variable speeds and easy-rolling heavy-duty casters; available in black or sienna tan.
More info:

Model: F5 livestock fan.
Maker: Schaefer Fans.
Why buy: Built to withstand the rigors of show travel, this high-velocity circulation fan is available in 20-inch and 24-inch sizes and has the highest airflow and air velocity rating in its size categories.
Cool features: Heavy-duty steel guards, reinforced ribs and outer rings, an easy-use hang mount, and a weather-proof cover all make the fan usable at most showgrounds.
More info: (800)779-3267;
Price: Ask a retailer.

Buyer Savvy

Keep these points in mind as you search for a fan to cool your barn.

• Most ceiling fans sold in the U.S. have been tested and rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent product-safety certification organization, but have different ratings. UL Listed means the fan can be used in thoroughly dry places, such as a living room or bedroom, while UL Listed for Damp Locations serves areas subject to condensation of moisture, and only UL Listed for Wet Locations should be used in areas in which water or other liquids may drip, splash, or flow on or against the electrical components.

• Be sure there is plenty of head clearance for humans and horses in your barn before installing any fan.

• Keep all cords out of reach of horses—yours and any neighboring horses. Consider that horses can stretch their necks to reach high objects, and use their lips to pull things through bars.

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