Model: SmartPak Feed Chart.
Maker: SmartPak.
Why buy: Columns for morning, afternoon, and evening feeding, as well as supplement tracker, ensure that every horse gets exactly what’s needed, when it’s needed.
Cool feature: Well-organized columns and checkmark boxes.
More info: (800) 752-5171; smartpakequine.com.

Price: $12.95

Model: Horse Maintenance Stall Sign.
Maker: Horse.com.
Why buy: Perfect for boarding facilities or full barns, the chart keeps track of feed, supplements, treats, turnout, and emergency contact information.
Cool feature: Dry-erase format allows you to write, wipe, and repeat as often as needed.
More info: (800) 637-6721; horse.com.
Price: $13.49

Model: Dover Feed Chart.
Maker: Dover Saddlery.
Why buy: Easily track morning and evening feed rations for up to 10 horses.
Cool feature: Dry-erase board includes its own attached marker.
More info: (800) 406-8204; doversaddlery.com.
Price: $19.99

Model: Plastic Feeding Chart.
Maker: Schneiders.
Why buy: Emergency contact card and feed schedule chart keeps all of your horse’s important information in one place.
Cool feature: Tiered pricing when multiples are purchased.
More info: (800) 365-1311; sstack.com.
Price: $3.99, or six for $3.49 each.

If you find yourself with some extra time and ambition, you may choose to create your own barn-chore chart. Here are some suggestions as you tackle your project.

Have it all. Unlike with pre-made charts, DIY barn charts allow you to customize the information that you want to track. For example, many pre-made sheets may not have space to log farrier appointments, but with your own chart, you can save such space.

Make it erasable. Keep in mind that daily chore tracking means that you’ll need to erase after each day. Consider surfaces that can easily be cleaned and re-used such as white boards and chalkboards or glass.

Be resourceful. Use items that you have around the house to save some money and de-clutter. Spare frames, dry erase markers, or extra sidewalk chalk can go to good use.

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