More Colorful Than the Rest

Try any of these 10 horse blankets to help bring fashion to your pasture this fall.

The days of only solid-color blanket options are over. Now, you can still count on having high-quality blankets to outfit your horse, but with added flair‚ as we’ll show you here with 10 fresh styles that caught our eye.

Credit: Photo by Jennifer Paulson

Whether you prefer bold patterns, interesting designs, or the classic solids in brighter colors, you have plenty of options at your disposal. In addition to more eye appeal, these turnouts are equipped with more features, smarter fits, and wider size options than ever before. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your horse is well protected when the weather turns.


Kensington’s new Surefit (#733PC180HN) 1,680-denier turnout comes in multiple bright solids and is designed to fit a wide variety of builds, from the most narrow to the widest horse. The CoolPlus lining ensures that your horse’s temperature stays “just right.” The liner allows greater passage of body heat throughout the blanket, and a high neck seals in warmth.

More info: $259.99;

Tip #1: Measure up!
Use a soft tape measure placed at the center of your horse’s chest, and run it alongside his body to the rear of the same-side hind leg (this is most easily done with two people). If the measurement falls between sizes, it’s best to round up to the next offered size.

It’s said that style recycles, and this case is no different. The 1970s-inspired chocolate-with-cream check Rhino WUG turnout has a 1,000-denier polypropylene shell, creating a breathable, waterproof outer barrier. Thermo-bonded fiberfill means longer heat retention, and a high-cut neck keeps the blanket snug without rubbing the withers.

More info: $195;

Red-and-grey tartan print is sure to get your horse noticed. The 600-denier turnout by Relentless (#PE850) is for the horse that needs a lighter blanket without compromising protection. It’s equipped with an open-front design and shoulder gusset to allow for the best fit possible and to maximize movement and flexibility.

Credit: Photo by Jennifer Paulson

More info: $129.99;

Tip #2: Fewer seams mean a drier horse. A seamless back will help to prevent leaks, an
important feature for turnout blankets worn in wet climates.

Your horse has no choice but to stand out in the richly colored plaid, 1,200-denier turnout (#35-1555) from Weaver. The full cut and long drop contours to the horse’s body for maximum warmth. The broad size range (68 to 84 inches) allows you to find the right fit for any horse in the pasture.

Credit: Photo by Jennifer Paulson

More info: $129.99;

Tip #3: Don’t over-blanket.
In variable winter conditions, a horse can overheat as he runs around the pasture and plays. Consider layering a sheet and a lightweight blanket, which combined equate to a medium-weight blanket. Layers can be removed as needed to accommodate warmer daytime conditions.

The 1,200-denier turnout by Cactus Gear (#PE750) is for the sage of the pasture. The classy forest, maroon, and gold plaid is the epitome of sophistication. Durable nylon outer fabric keeps your horse protected and dry, and the nylon inner lining allows your horse’s coat to stay slick, shiny, and healthy all winter long.

Credit: Photo by Jennifer Paulson

More info: $167.99;


Kick up a classic this winter, and outfit in red. Classic’s Frost Fighter blanket (#CEB) is made for maximum warmth. It has a durable outer shell, fiberfill insulation, and a contoured fit to keep the blanket in place. Elastic front closures allow for flexibility to keep the blanket locked to your horse, not lost out in the pasture.

More info: $129.95;


Styled in black and gray with red piping, the Rockin’ SP 1,200-denier Ultimate Waterproof Blanket (#20621) by SmartPak was made with the Quarter Horse in mind. The special broader shoulder and hindquarter structure and shorter drop are perfect for a stockier build. The durable nylon blanket is available in light and medium weights.

More info: $179.95;

Tip #4: Get more blanket for your money. Purchase the highest-number denier that you can afford. It offers your horse greater protection, and the blanket is likely to last longer.

The 1,200-denier Professional’s Choice Pebbles pattern blanket (#PCWB70-PEB) couples muted color with a unique pattern—ideal for the “pigpen” horse because dirt won’t show! This blanket seals in the heat and keeps cold out with reinforced, taped seams and a protective tail flap.

Credit: Photo by Jennifer Paulson

More info: $135.95;

The WeatherBeeta Genero blanket features attractive solids with a touch of color. The 1,200-denier standard-neck turnout has a new feature: wider proportions. Enjoy the standard buckle-front closure, leg straps, ripstop outer shell, and 3-inch increment sizing, but now with the option of a wider chest and shoulder build.

More info: $109.99;

It doesn’t get more country cowboy than tooled leather. The 600-denier turnout from Tough-1 (#32-7010T-750-69) is available in either black or brown to fit your preference. The waterproof ripstop poly outer shell keeps your horse dry and your blanket tear-free—ideal for the blanket destroyer.

Credit: Photo by Jennifer Paulson

More info: $136;

Tip #5: Provide thoughtful care.
Regular cleaning and do-it-yourself repairs will keep your blanket in tip-top shape without constant trips to a professional. See additional tips for blanket cleaning on page 22.

Blanket Lingo Breakdown
• Cordura: This popular synthetic nylon is highly resistant to fungi, mold, and water.
• Cut: Stockier horses with curvy, muscular shoulders and hips may be well suited to American or standard cut blankets available in 2-inch, even-numbered size increments. Longer-bodied, slim horses may be more comfortable in European cut blankets, which come in 3-inch increments.
• Darts: Typically, shoulder darts are sewn into blankets to provide room for extra shoulder movement and to ease rubbing.
• Denier: This is a unit of measure that indicates blanket quality and strength of fabric; the higher the number, the better.
• Drop: This describes how far the blanket hangs below the horse’s belly. A longer drop means more leg protection.
• Fill: It’s the fluffy batting inside the blanket. Its weight is measured in grams and indicates warmth. Hollofil is the insulation sewn into the blanket that maintains the blanket’s form and provides warmth.
• Front style: Closed-front has continuous fabric across the chest, making the blanket less likely to tear. Open-front has adjustable buckles or snaps on the chest that allow for a customized fit.

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