Gallop Poll: Bought Riding Prospect as Weanling?

There are many ways to acquire a good riding horse; purchasing a prospect as a youngster is one approach. Horse&Rider wants to know if you’ve ever bought a riding prospect as a weanling. Tell us by participating in the Gallop Poll.

Photo courtesy of Robin Gollehon

Buying a weanling as a future riding prospect can be a dicey proposition…it’s hard to know exactly how the youngster will turn out, plus there’s the expense and risk involved in raising him up and getting him trained.

Still, you’re able to oversee his handling and training from the outset, plus you may just wind up with a performance horse you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

So, we want to know…have you ever purchased a weanling as a riding prospect? Please complete the poll, then check for results of this survey later at or in The Ride newsletter. (And if you’re not already receiving our nifty weekly newsletter, sign up here.)

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