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In the May 2007 issue of Horse & Rider, in her “This Horse Life” column, Sue Copeland extended a thank you to her husband, Rick, for the support he lends in her horse life. She invited readers to join in with thank you notes to their own horse supporters. Read on for responses received, or visit the Horse & Rider Forum and tell us about how your significant other helps out.

To my husband, Merf. You are the only man I know who can: dig post holes, drive a skid loader, teach our daughters a topspin backhand, manage a division of software engineers, put up hay, build a barn and show a horse how to trailer load. Thank you for loving our family and my horses.

Coy Freeman

Colorado Springs, Colo.

I’ve had horses in my life as long as I can remember. However, my husband got introduced to horses almost 15 years ago. In that time he has hooked up and parked trailers numerous times, checked tires, greased bearings and bought and hauled hay–sometimes even by himself!

About four years ago, he even learned how to trim and shoe to save us money and keep our horses ready for trail rides whenever we may need them.

This last winter I purchased a young horse that had to be treated with penicillin shots. My husband is very squeamish about needles, however I was unable to push meds through the needle, so, if I inserted the needle into the horse he would then take over and administer the medicine while I kept the horse quiet.

So here is a big, well-deserved “Thank You!” to my husband, Bruce.

Julie Dowsey

My husband and I have been married over 30 years and transferred/moved more than 20 times in corporate life. In 2000, circumstances finally allowed us to have a horse and a home with acreage. I was truly “home”, but this was never my husband’s dream. In fact, “pet free in 93” was once his favorite slogan! He works long hours, travels most every week and was reluctant about owning horses–but he tried.

We all won! We currently own 5 horses (3 AQHA, 2 APHA). He feeds and cleans stalls when he can (I never have to ask) and helps with absolutely everything. When I recently decided to try barrel racing, he became a great traveling partner. We have even had to relocate a couple of times since we started down this trail, and my husband has constructed horse facilities at each place. For him, this means plenty of time with a shovel, post-hole digger and bags of cement. For me, I know he wants to share his life with horses and will do whatever it takes. He is one of the greatest!

Mike, you have come a long way from towing your sailboat to towing our horse trailer. For your help and humor, for sharing your John Deere, for your hard work and encouragement… we all thank you, everyday.

Jacki Massimino

My husband married into a horse relationship also. I’ve always been around horses, my uncle bred and raised Tennessee Walkers. I had a Quarter Horse when we started dating, and after getting married we sold him. Then, when our children were approximately 12 to 14 years old, we bought a retired walking horse (14 years old) we all could ride. Guess who got the better part of that deal? ME. He was in our family for 10 years. Now, 12 years later, we own a 15-year-old quarter horse mare. My husband now goes with me to the barn every night and helps with the mucking out and feeding. He’s there to help with tacking up and making sure I get started with my ride safely.

My husband doesn’t ride, but I see a big difference in his self-esteem around the horses. Before he was very timid, but now he’s a “right in their face” kind of guy, and he actually enjoys these beautiful creatures that God created.

Lydia Beck

Alliance, Ohio

I feel SO lucky. My sweet husband, Dennis, supports me in everything, but best of all, with horses. We found him a nice horse a couple years ago, and we enjoy trail riding (we’ve been married almost eight years now). He didn’t have a horse when we first met, but he wanted one so we could ride together (is that sweet or what?). He rode as a child but hadn’t as an adult. He’s a quick learner and has good balance. We feed, clean and do chores together. When I’m not around, he’s more than capable of doing it all himself, and he never complains. I think what I find the most endearing is he doesn’t just support me–he actually likes the horses. I catch him stopping to pet or scratch one, and it makes me feel so good. I am so blessed. Thank you to my sweet Dennis!

Diane Hall

Tucson, Ariz.

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