Layer Up for Fall

A quality base layer is a must-have for fluctuating riding weather.

Model: CTK9712001.
Maker: Cruel Girl.
Why buy: The poly-spandex blend material helps retain heat, but is breathable, so there’s no stuffy, damp feeling when worn as either a base item or stand-alone layer.
Cool features: The V-neck, side ruching, and off-color seams add feminine detail.
More info: Visit
Price: $39.95

Model: Bit of Horse zip.
Maker: Kerrits.
Why buy:
The long-sleeve zip-up provides ventilation through the neck, if needed, and wicks moisture to keep you comfortable in all conditions.
Cool feature: Stretch material with black side panels is comfortable and slimming.
More info: (509) 493-4187;
Price: $69

Why buy:
The poly-blend material provides warmth and breathability, which makes it ideal for base or middle layering.
Cool features:
Stain-breaker and odor-fighting technology allows you to go straight from the barn into town without the evidence.
More info:
(800) 833-3118;

SunShield long-sleeve.
Why buy:
The Australian Versatex fabric, which is durable, breathable, and lightweight, allows freedom of movement with your additional protection.
Cool feature:
The form-fitting top comes in a variety of colors.
More info:
(888) 752-5171;

Variable weather conditions, whether damp, windy, or just plain cold, require that you bundle up. The best way to stay warm in all types of conditions is through layering. Consider these items as you dress for riding during the months ahead.

Fabric faux pas.
Cotton absorbs moisture, which can make for a cold, miserable ride if you face sweat, humidity, or rain. Instead, search for poly or poly blends, which are lightweight and help wick moisture to keep you cozy.

More is better. Opt for several layers, at least an insulating base layer and outer protective layer, in less-than-perfect riding weather. This allows you to remove clothing if you find yourself overheated, and it also seals in the heat when it gets chilly.

Don’t forget the rest. Most body heat is lost through the head, so to ensure that you stay comfortable during a ride, wear a hat, beanie, or hooded jacket. Also, don’t forget your warm socks and gloves!

Multi-functional jacket. Get the most out of your winter jacket and purchase a coat with two layers: an outer, waterproof shell and a warm, fleece liner. Wear together, or zip the liner out.

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