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Horseback Riding: 7 Ways to Move Past a Plateau promo image

Horseback Riding: 7 Ways to Move Past a Plateau

Identify your problem, then use these strategies to get back on your way toward your goals.
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Quench Your Horse's Winter Thirst

Dehydration is your horse's worst enemy. Here's how to help keep your horse hydrated all winter long.
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Winter Training: More Help promo image

Winter Training: More Help

Check out these extra resources for the "Winter Time? Tune-Up Time!" article in the February 2012 issue.
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Horse Training: The Head-Down Cue promo image

Horse Training: The Head-Down Cue

Teach your horse a head-down cue with this exercise from top clinician John Lyons.
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Three Pre-Ride Stretches promo image

Three Pre-Ride Stretches

Long, limber muscles help prevent horseback riding injuries. Here are three pre-ride stretches from certified personal trainer Katie Mital.
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Chaps-Fit Plan: Proper Technique promo image

Chaps-Fit Plan: Proper Technique

Watch as we show you how to properly do the exercises from the Chaps-Fit Plan.
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Therapeutic Equipment promo image

Therapeutic Equipment

Start here to get information on machines and gadgets that purport to help with healing.
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Thanksgiving Weight Loss promo image

Thanksgiving Weight Loss

In the November issue, we asked our readers what horse-ercises they'll use after Thanksgiving.
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