One for the Road

Getting organized for spring and summer shows or trail rides?
Plan what you need for each trip, and try these organizing tips.

Pack a spare. Save time and trouble by keeping a spare grooming kit—packed with brushes, rags, hoof polish, Showsheen, fly spray, and other horse-show essentials—stashed in your trailer. That way, you don’t have to bring your daily-use items from home and risk forgetting something. (You can do the same for first-aid supplies: organize a quick-grab kit for horse emergencies, and one for humans.)

Make a list. Sounds basic, but it’ll save headaches down the road if you make a checklist for grooming supplies, equipment, and items you’ll need. Laminate it, then stow it in a handy place in your truck or trailer, or tape it to the inside of your trailer tack-storage door. Use a dry erase marker to cross off items you’ve packed.

Clean up. Wash brushes and grooming tools and clean up any tack or equipment stored in the trailer as soon as you get home. You can also restock any supplies you’ve used up, and you’ll have a lot less to do before you hit the road next time.

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