The Lucky Winner

Meet Rebekah Lou Taylor, the lucky winner of the H&R 50th Anniversary Saddle Sweepstakes.


Rebekah Lou Taylor of Pardeeville, Wisconsin, was the lucky winner of the Horse&Rider 50th Anniversary Saddle Sweepstakes. To learn more about Rebekah, visit Editor Juli Thorson’s Horse Talk blog.

Here is an excerpt from that blog:

Rebekah is a retired, disabled Marine who’s been riding for a few months. I wish I could be there to see her face when she opens the big shipping box that’s coming her way from our editorial offices in Boulder, Colorado.

Inside, she will find a custom-designed, silver-loaded trophy saddle from Cactus Saddlery. It’s been on display at our editorial offices in Boulder, Colorado, and we’ve all coveted it. The folks at Cactus outdid themselves!

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