Tip of the Week: Blanket Safety

Blanket season is here. Have you been paying attention to this simple detail that can make or break your horse's safety while wearing a blanket?

You probably haven’t paid much attention to the way you clip your blanket hooks and clasps when you’re dressing your horse for the cold winter weather. But, if your horse’s blanket has clasps on the leg or chest straps, it’s important to hook them in a way that will keep your horse safe. 

This is an unsafe way to clip your blanket straps. Jillian Sinclair

When you hook the strap with the clasp facing outward like in the photo above, it’s easy for the clasp to reopen and become stuck on something. All your horse has to do is rub or itch on the fence, stall door, or even their bucket handle and they could become stuck to it. Your horse won’t realize what happened and it could become dangerous if they try to escape from being stuck. 

To prevent this from happening, always clip your blanket clasps facing inward so they can’t reopen and become caught on something. 

This is a safer way to clip your blanket clasp. Jillian Sinclair

When the clasp is facing inward with the flush side facing away from your horse, it’s a lot less likely that the clasp will get hooked on something if your horse rubs or itches. 

Keep this in mind during the cold months ahead! 

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