Tip of the Week: Soak Up the Urine

Want to spend more time riding and less time cleaning stalls? Us too. Make stall cleaning a breeze with this quick tip to isolate the the urine.

A lot of horses urinate in the same spot repeatedly. Usually, the wet shavings will get mixed in with the fresh shavings overnight as the horse walks and rolls in their stall. If you are sick of shifting and flipping shavings all morning, try this barn hack! 

Tip: To make stall cleaning quick and easy, try putting a bag (or even half) of pellet bedding in the spot where they urinate frequently. Pellet shavings are extra absorbent and the wet spots clump together, making it easy to find and remove. 

Try bedding like this bag of Tractor Supply Pelletized Bedding to help isolate the urine spots in the stall. Tractor Supply

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