Tip of the Week: Keep Water Troughs Clean

Are you constantly cleaning hay and other debris out your horse's water trough? Try this tip to make things a little easier.

It’s very common for water troughs to become filled with leaves, grass clippings, hay, and other debris. A build-up of debris in your horse’s water might cause them to stop drinking, so it’s important to regularly check their troughs or tanks. If you’re sick of using your hands to fish all of the debris out on a daily basis, try this tip. 

Tip of the Week: Use a small pool skimmer to clean your water troughs. 

These are easy to find and usually cost less than $15.00. If you use a skimmer like this one from Amazon, you’ll have an easier time getting all of the debris out of the trough and you won’t have to get your hands wet, which is important for the winter months! 


Use a pool skimmer like this to easily remove debris from your water trough.
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