Tip of the Week: Washing Leg Wraps

Do your leg wraps come out of the washer in one giant tangle? Try this easy hack to keep them separate.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to untangle a knot of wet leg wraps after a trip through the washing machine. Not only is this damaging to the wraps and will stretch them out over time, but it’s time-consuming. Next time you throw your wraps in the wash, try this trick. 

Tip of the Week: 

Put your horse’s polo wraps in laundry delicate bags. This keeps them from becoming tangled during the wash cycle. You can put a pair in each bag to keep them separate which will make things even easier once you take them out.  

This option from Amazon is very affordable and you can buy a pack of three. 

Try this 3-pack from Amazon to keep your polo wraps organized and tangle-free in the washing machine.

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