Best Salve for Horses

Using a salve or ointment will keep dirt and debris out of a wound to help prevent infection while the wound heals, while also keeping the area moist.

Best Multi-Purpose Salve 

Corona Ointment for Horses | Lanolin-Based Formula Helps Sooth Irritation | 14 Ounces

Corona Ointment for Horses

Perfect for Multiple Wounds. Easy-to-apply salve for cuts, sores and burns. 

What We Liked: 

Great for all of the animals at your barn. The lanolin-based formula has made this product a trusted salve for horsemen for over 100 years. A safe-to-use product that’s easy to apply and easy to store in your first-aid kit makes this a must-have for wound healing. Buy it now.  

Best Stay-Put Salve 

Bickmore Gall Salve Wound Cream for Horses – for Quick Equine Relief of Sores, Abrasions, Cuts and Galls

Bickmore Gall Salve Wound Cream for Horses

Top-Notch Salve that Stays Put. Great salve for hard-to-reach places. 

What We Liked: 

This salve won’t rub or sweat off. Unlike other salves and ointments that melt in the heat or fall to the ground if placed in certain places, this salve’s formula is suitable for hot climates. Since this product stays on your horse longer, it can heal your horse more quickly. Purchase now.  

Best All-Natural Salve

Equisalve Horse Salve | Gall Salve for Horses| Use on Open Wounds, Scratches, Rashes | Made by Silver Lining Herbs in the USA Of Natural Herbs

Equisalve Horse Salve

Great Herbal Salve for Sensitive Horses. Peace of mind your horse is healing and protected with an all-natural salve. 

What We Liked:

With the use of ostrich oil, this product helps to heal wounds and offers anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. This product is more than just a wound salve, but its all-natural formula also helps promote hair growth and aid in joint relief. It’s safe to use on your horse or your dog. Get some today.  

Most Affordable

Farnam TRI-Care Triple Action Wound Treatment, One Size, for Dogs and Horses

Farnam TRI-Care Triple Action Wound Treatment

Affordable Salve that Works. Add this salve to your first-aid kit without going over budget.

What We Liked:

You should always have a wound-care product in your first-aid kit. This salve is an affordable yet effective option to have in your trailer or barn at all times. The natural properties help your horse heal faster and with reduced irritation. Find it here. 

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