E75: The Ride- Meagan DeLisle

On this episode of The Ride, Jillian talks with the media and communications manager at the United States Eventing Association, Meagan DeLisle. The two talk about Meagan’s unique job and how she was able to carve a career in the horse industry. Plus, Jillian asks Meagan all about her recent discipline transition in her personal horse life. Tune in now to hear how this English rider found her way to a pair of cowboy boots and a new love for an unexpected discipline.

This episode of The Ride is brought to you by Purina Animal Nutrition.

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Horse&Rider is your resource to live today’s Western horse life. Editors and co-hosts Jillian and Nichole chat about the industry’s latest news and their personal horse-life adventures. Plus, they sit down to talk with your favorite horsemen and -women. Delivered with a heavy dose of fun, The Ride is where Western horse lovers can get their fix.

E:73- The Ride: Jim Goff

In this episode, Jillian and Nichole talk to Jim Goff. Jim is an extreme mountain trail enthusiast, who designed his own facility to host events and extreme trail competitions. Learn about the discipline and see if your horse has what it takes to be an extreme mountain trail horse!

E72: The Ride- Shauna Brown

Have you met Horse&Rider’s Trainer of the Year? Well, here’s your chance! In this episode, Nichole and Jillian talk with Shauna Brown to discuss her Western horse life. Next, they talk about how she became the Trainer of the Year. You will hear some insight into Shauna’s unique training and lessoning program, plus learn what she values most about the horse industry. This episode shows you why Shauna won this prestigious title!

Winning Insights: Bud Lyon on How Much Movement is Judged in Ranch Riding

On this episode of Winning Insights, multiple world champion trainer Bud Lyon talks about how much your horse’s movement matters in ranch riding events. He explains what the judges are looking for and how much they pay attention to a horse’s movement. Next, Bud talks about what a horse’s head carriage should look like in the ranch riding. Plus, he gives tips to help your horse excel in the show pen. Learn more from Bud on Horse&Rider OnDemand!

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