BONUS: The Ride- Common Riding Mistakes

Enjoy this bonus episode of The Ride with Brad Barkemeyer!

In this bonus episode, you get to listen in on a Brad Barkemeyer clinic and learn about common mistakes he sees from non pro riders—plus he gives advice on how to fix those mistakes!

This episode is brought to you by the Equine Network’s Horse Week. Join us each week on Tuesday night at 7:00pm ET for new Horse Week favorite re-releases between now until the end of 2021. Riders and horse lovers of every level and discipline will enjoy profiles of incredible equine athletes, storytelling that celebrates the horse-human bond, heartwarming tales of horse heroics, and advice from world-class trainers. Tune in for free from the barn, office, or the comfort of your couch—Equine Network is making it easy to watch from any smart device. Visit or the Equine Network Youtube Channel to watch!

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