E54: The Ride- Kole Price

Winner of The Run for a Million, Kole Price, tells Nichole and Jillian all the details about his life-changing win at one of the biggest events in the horse industry.

Nichole and Jillian sat down with Kole Price right after winning the Run for a Million with Gunna Stop. With the excitement of winning one of the biggest reining competitions in history still on his mind, Kole talks about what helped him get to the winner’s circle and across the $1 million dollar mark. Starting from the very beginning with his grandpa at the local pony club, to the suspenseful run-off that led to his win, Kole tells Nichole and Jillian all of the juicy details. The Run for a Million is one of the most talked-about events in the horse industry, and this episode is jam-packed with everything you want to know — and more!

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