Top 5 Episodes of The Ride Podcast

The Ride Podcast has had some exciting guests over the past few months and we've put together a list of the most recent popular episodes!

Horse&Rider editors and co-hosts Jillian and Nichole bring you the latest industry news along with their personal horse-life adventures during a chat with your favorite horsemen and -women. Delivered with a heavy dose of fun, The Ride is where Western horse lovers can get their fix. Check out the most recent popular episodes and be sure to subscribe to The Ride anywhere you listen to podcasts! 

Most Popular Episodes

1. E46: The Ride – Chelsea Edsall

Join Nichole and Michaela as they get to know Chelsea Edsall, the hilarious rider who is known for her YouTube videos that any non-pro can relate to. Listen in as she gives the details about her viral videos and tells even more funny stories that you won’t want to miss. This episode is sure to have you laughing!

Check out Chelsea’s videos here.

2. E21: The Ride – Warwick Schiller

This episode of The Ride brings you an interview with Australian clinician and reiner Warwick Schiller. He’s an NRHA reserve world champion and represented Australia at the 2010 and 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games. He solves horse problems by changing the rider’s perspective. Listen to this episode to learn more about Warwick. 

Find his clinics, books, and videos at

3. E49: The Ride- Conner Smith

Nichole and Jillian sit down with the head Western coach of Midway University’s equestrian team, Conner Smith. They discuss how Conner found his way to riding IHSA in college and what inspired him to launch his coaching career at such a young age. With Jillian and Nichole also riding for a team in college, this episode is filled with information about the collegiate riding experience. Conner explains what he looks for in a potential team member and what to do if you are considering joining a collegiate riding team.

4. E52: The Ride- Lisa Gentile

Nichole and Jillian have an exciting conversation with natural horsemanship trainer, Lisa Gentile, about her experiences working for the legendary Ken Mcnabb and as a trainer on her own. Lisa gives talks about her training methods and gives advice to those working with horses without a trainer that you don’t want to miss!

5. E50: The Ride- Madison Ward

Former Texan rodeo queen Madison Ward joins Nichole and Jillian to talk about her role at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. Madison gives listeners an exclusive announcement about two brand new exhibits coming to the Hall of Fame that you will not want to miss. She even discusses her personal experiences with some of the amazing women who are members of the Hall of Fame and how they’ve impacted the cowgirl way of life. Tune in so you don’t miss any of the juicy details!

Follow the Hall of Fame on social media!

Facebook: @NCMHOF

Instagram: @cowgirlmuseum 

Most Recent Episode

E53: The Ride- Chelsea Sutton

Chelsea Sutton joins Jillian and Nichole to chat about her exciting career as a reining horse show announcer. As the first woman to announce the main arena at the NRHA Derby along with many world shows and other large events, Chelsea shares thrilling stories from being on the front line during some of the most memorable events in the Western horse industry. If you want to hear all about the behind the scenes action of horse show production, plus learn where you can listen to the playlists Chelsea uses at major events, and learn about her newest venture as a co-author of the book Wisdom of the Silver Sisters, this episode is a must-listen!

Follow Chelsea on social media!

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