Winning Insights: Robin Frid on All-Around Fundamentals

World champion trainer Robin Frid goes over the basic fundamentals of the all-around events like trail, Western riding, and horsemanship.

On this episode of the Winning Insights, Horse&Rider OnDemand expert and multiple world champion rider and trainer Robin Frid goes over the fundamentals of the all-around discipline. He explains what he thinks a true all-around horse should do and gives tips on how to get him there. Press play to hear all about the all-around from Robin!

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About Robin Frid:

Based in Pilot Point, Texas, Robin Frid is a household name in the Quarter Horse all-around industry. As a 25-year veteran of the competitive Quarter Horse circuit, he and his business partner and wife, Jenny, have produced some of the most talented, and awarded horsewomen and -men in the last decade. At their facility, they focus on all-around events like showmanship, equitation, horsemanship, trail, and Western riding helping clients of all ages and levels achieve their goals. Together Robin and Jenny have trained more than 40 world and reserve world champion riders, and more than 75 All American Quarter Horse Congress champions and reserve Congress champions. Frid is also a highly sought-after judge for both national and international Quarter Horse competitions, judging some of the biggest competitions in the world. 

Learn more from Robin on Horse&Rider OnDemand.

In his series for Horse&Rider OnDemand+, Frid shows you how to master different trail class obstacles, and shows you how he schools his green horses and more seasoned horses over poles. Then he goes into the importance of pattern placement for events like Western riding, before ending his video series on basic drills you can do at home to improve your horsemanship skills for the show pen.

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