Winning Insights: The Knabenshues Help You Pick an All-Around Prospect

If you're on the hunt for your next All-Around prospect, take a few minutes and listen to the experts guide you through the process.
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Winning Insights with Robin Frid

Listen to Robin Frid explain the importance of practicing and perfecting slow elements of the trail events.
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Looking for an All-Around Prospect

Will and Elizabeth Knabenshue go over what they look for in an all-around prospect.
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Increasing Difficulty for Walkover Poles

Here's how to increase the difficulty when going over walkover poles in a trail class.
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All Around Sire Spotlight: Zips Chocolate Chip

As one of the most impactful AQHA all-around sires, Zips Chocolate Chip is remembered for a lot more than just his famous chocolate chip cookie recipe.
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Why Do We Horse Show?

It's easy to get caught up in the competition at a horse show, but if we let it take control, we might forget the reason we started riding in the first place.
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Improve Your Trail Horse’s Behavior

Is your trail horse’s behavior problematic? Try Warwick Schiller’s “50-foot trail ride” exercise to improve a variety of difficulties.
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Warwick Schiller Reaches for the Next Level in Effective, Humane Horse Training

In an exclusive H&R interview, learn why clinician Warwick Schiller’s horse-training methods have evolved toward more horse-centric approaches.
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E20: The Ride - Co-Host Interview

Get to know the editors of Horse&Rider and co-hosts of The Ride podcast in this unique episode of The Ride.
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E19: The Ride - Alex Bauwens

This episode of The Ride brings you an interview with Alex Bauwens.
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New, Better Way to Saddle a Nervous Horse

When you’re saddling a nervous horse, use mindful pauses to give him a chance to change his focus and accept the process willingly.
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E13: The Ride - Alex Bauwens

This episode of The Ride brings you a profile on social-media sensation Alex Bauwens!
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A Better One-Rein Stop

My bend-to-a-stop is a way to bring a horse under control without causing an awkward, unbalanced stop.
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Skill Set Unlocked

Master these milestones to get your horse ready to tackle all-around classes with advice from APHA Professional Horseman Mike Hachtel.
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Whether Alex Bauwens is shooting arrows off the back of a horse or sliding to a stop, she’s documenting it on social media to connect with like-minded riders.
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