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Advantages of Flag Work

You don’t have to work cattle with your horse to benefit from working the flag. Brad Barkemeyer shows you how you can add flag work to your riding routine to help teach your horse basic riding fundamentals.
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Flag Work Fundamentals

Working a flag is a great way to simulate cow work without having to use live cattle. Brad Barkemeyer shows you how you can safely introduce your horse to working a flag to help him become more confident working cattle.
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Herd Work Basics

Learn a little more about herd work from world champion trainer Brad Barkemeyer.
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Running the Bases

Are you utilizing the space you have to ensure that your horse is able to perform at his best?
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The Perfect Circle

Being able to walk a perfect circle is no easy task. Brad Barkemeyer breaks down the basics of this exercise and how it’ll help your horse stay collected without losing any forward motion.
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Scoring & Box Work for Rope Horses

Learn how to get a good start in the roping box.
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Schooling a Seasoned Rope Horse

Keep your seasoned horse healthy and sound.
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New-Horse Checklist

Go through my checklist to learn more about your new horse’s strengths and weaknesses—what his personality is like on the ground and in the saddle­—so you can start your journey together on a positive note.
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Crossed Reins for Steering • Work in Segments

Use this exercise to help with neck reining and guiding; the importance of working in segments.
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Personal Feeding Program • Back-Up Drill

Bud Lyon talks about his feeding program, Brad Barkemeyer shows you his favorite back-up drill.
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Introduction to Two Rein • Riding Green Ranch Rider Through Cattle

Learn how to introduce your ranch riding horse to cattle for the first time with help from Bud. Watch as Brad works a horse in a two-rein setup.
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