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Barrel Racing Magazine

The Team at Equine Network Proudly Launches Barrel Racing Magazine

Barrel Racing Magazine shares transformative barrel racing content from the industry’s leading horsemen and horsewomen to help riders of all skill levels achieve their goals in this explosive sport.
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Barrel Racing Bits: Selecting for a Specific Issue

Listen in as Molly Powell breaks down her bit line and how each one can be paired with a specific type of horse.
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Reasons Horses Hit Barrels and How to Fix It

Molly Powell explains various reasons horses hit barrels and how to fix it.
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Points of a Turn

Molly Powell breaks down the points of a turn around a barrel.
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Blowing Out of a Barrel

Does your horse blow out of his turn when he leaves a barrel? Molly can help.
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Teaching a Horse How to Rate

Learn how to teach your horse to rate barrels.
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Understanding and Learning Rate

Your horse must understand how to collect up and rate to effectively turn the barrels.
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The Barrel Racing Principles

Molly Powell covers the principles of barrel racing. If you're new to the sport, this lesson will guide you through the fundamentals and how to achieve them during a run.
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Five Barrels for Success

Use Amberley Snyder's five-barrel exercise to fix three common problems and help take seconds off your barrel run when it counts.
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