A Cowboy Experience

Take a break from your fast-paced life this holiday season and experience the cow culture ways in Kissimmee, Florida.
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score cattle

Scoring Cattle with Brad Barkemeyer

Learn different ways you can work on scoring cattle at home with these tips from Horse&Rider OnDemand expert Brad Barkemeyer.
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Putting a Young Horse on a Cow

Brad Barkemeyer rides a young cow horse on cattle.
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Introduction to Fence Work: Different Cattle Scenarios

Brad Barkemeyer goes over a few different cattle scenarios a rider might run into when they're going down the fence.
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Finding the Position

Find your position on the cow and prevent your horse from anticipating.
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Using a Circle Pen to Work Cattle

Winston breaks down the benefits of using a circle pen to work cattle.
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Feelin’ Cowy

Learn how to use cattle work to improve your horse’s overall responsiveness with tips from trainer Ben Baldus.
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Introducing New Rider to Cattle

Brad Barkemeyer shows a new rider a couple of exercises to work on as she learns how to work cattle for the first time.
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Working a Pattern with Cattle Present

The next step when introducing a rider to the working cow horse is having them work a pattern with cattle present.
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Introduction to Two Rein • Riding Green Ranch Rider Through Cattle

Learn how to introduce your ranch riding horse to cattle for the first time with help from Bud. Watch as Brad works a horse in a two-rein setup.
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Cattle Training to Desensitize Any Horse to Cows

This basic cattle training, which introduces and desensitizes your horse to cows, is as important for trail mounts as it is for future cattle-event competitors.
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Horse chasing cattle

Ranch Sorting With RSNC

Looking for a way to have fun with your horse? Consider this fast-paced cattle event.
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