Changing Leads

changing leads

Changing Leads in the Center of the Western Riding Cones

Learn how to change leads in the center of your cones every time you go through them with world champion trainer Robin Frid.
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Changing Leads on Finished Reining Horse

Learn how Peter DeFreitas practices changing leads on his finished horses to keep them in shape and ready to show.
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No More Wrong Leads

Learn to nail your lope transitions with this demonstration from world champion trainer Carol Metcalf.
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Lead-Change Drill

If you’re not getting your lead change in the correct part of your pattern, chances are you’re leaving points on the table. While changing leads in the center of the arena might seem easy, many riders struggle with finding center and staying straight before, during, and after a flying lead change.
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Fix Lead-Change Anticipation

Correct your horse’s lead-change anticipation in the Western riding pattern with these expert techniques.
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Lead-Change Finesse

Use this exercise to prepare your horse to stay straight through all of your lead changes.
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