Develop Trust In Your Horse

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Building Trust with a New Partner to Winning the World

Kyla Jeffries unexpectedly entered the AQHA Youth World with a horse she had never ridden before. She quickly went to work on building trust and communication with her new partner, with just a month until show day.
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Become a Bolder Rider With This Secret Weapon

Learn the secret weapon to becoming a bolder, more confident rider—by developing trust in your horse and in your own horsemanship skills.
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LEFT: Photo by Cappy Jackson; RIGHT: Photo by Alana Harrison

Trust & Respect

Trust is key with timid horses; bold ones need to develop more respect.
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Fear of Riding Horses? Here's Your Surefire Solution

Turns out trust is the Rx for fear. Learn where riding-related fear comes from, how trust demolishes that fear, and how *you* can develop that trust with your horse.
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