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To Boot or Not To Boot?

Learn the pros and cons of exercise boots, and how you can decide when you should (or shouldn’t!) use them on your horse.
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Rhythms and Routines 

Become more confident in your riding by training yourself to stay positive during your ride.
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Rising from the Ashes

Despite the devastating impact of multiple wildfires over the years, this therapeutic riding center persevered and continues to give back to the community.
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In Case of Emergency

Learn how horses naturally respond to various emergency scenarios so you can better understand how to approach and handle your horse if you’re ever in an emergency situation.
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Does Your Horse Have Warts?

Affecting the stratified squamous and/or mucosal epithelium, the lesions the virus causes may take weeks to appear.
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Versatility Ranch Horse Events

Versatility ranch horse is an event that’s growing in popularity every year. However, if you’ve never competed, it might seem overwhelming. Here I’m going to break down all six classes and what your horse is expected to do.
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Find a Perfect Riding Instructor

Choosing a riding instructor for your child can be easy, thanks to reliable accrediting organizations.
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Taking Trail to the Extreme

Extreme mountain trail is an event like no other. But there are some key fundamentals a horse and rider must know so they can better tackle the obstacles they’re faced with.
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The Riding Family

Bringing together a multigenerational family under one home barn can reap big benefits for all. Here’s how one Colorado family does it, what they get out of it, and why it’s important to them.
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Abandoned Horse Earns Career at Horse Rescue

A local community and A Home For Every Horse sponsors band together to rehome abandoned horse.
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Fall Horse Allergies

Even horses can be susceptible to seasonal allergies; manage your horse's allergies this Fall with these helpful tips.
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Practice Trail with Just One Pole

Will Knabenshue shows how you can use one pole in your arena to practice many different trail drills that will prepare you for a full course.
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Top-Notch Travel Solutions

Make traveling a breeze with these convenient products designed for horse owners on the go.
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Hard-to-Catch Horse

Learn how to earn the trust of a horse that’s hard to catch so you can stop this problem before it gets out of hand.
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