Flying Lead Change


Drills to Teach Flying Lead Changes

Cody Crow shows you a drill you can use to introduce your horse to beginning stages of the flying lead change.
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No More Wrong Leads

Learn to nail your lope transitions with this demonstration from world champion trainer Carol Metcalf.
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Introduction to Ranch Riding: Flying Lead Change

Bud Lyon breaks down how he works with a rider learning how to do a flying lead change.
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How Many Different Horse Breeds *Are* There?

Train & Maintain Flying Lead Change

Learn how to successfully train and maintain a flying lead change.
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Ranch Riding Simple Lead Change

Bud Lyon shows examples of simple lead changes for the ranch riding.
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Exercise: Straightness for Lead Changes

Use this exercise to improve your straightness for lead changes.
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Lead-Change Finesse

Use this exercise to prepare your horse to stay straight through all of your lead changes.
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Reiner to Ranch Rider

Enhance your show experience and extend your performance horse’s skill set by adding ranch riding to your repertoire.
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Get Through the Line

Executing four consistent lead changes in a row is challenging. Here I’ll offer advice on how to improve your changes down the line and score when it comes time to show.
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#RideWithAl: Clear the Shoulders for a Lead Change

Al Dunning explains how to clear your horse's shoulders to perform a flying lead change.
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