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Distance Drill Around the Barrel

This drill can be used for kids and individuals who need help to keep the same distance all the way around the barrel.
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Horse&Rider Monthly: Volume 18 | Why Kids Should Ride

Horses can have a huge impact on children and there are many ways for them to be involved. This issue of Horse&Ride Monthly is packed with reasons your child should ride horses.
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E43: The Ride - Elaine Bogan

On this episode of The Ride, Nichole and Jillian sit down with the director of the new movie Spirit Untamed, Elaine Bogan.
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Why My Daughter Wears a Resistol RideSafe

I'll prevent the problems I can, when I can, because life has enough twists and turns as is it is.
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5 Details Every Horse-Owning Kid (and Adult!) Needs to Notice Every Day

Horsemanship is all in the details, and taking notice of the smallest changes in your horse's health or routine can mean the difference between a healthy, happy horse and a monstrous vet bill or disastrous ride.
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The New Pony by Heather Amery and Stephen Cartwright

Listen to Horse&Rider editor Chelsea Shaffer read "The New Pony" to her daughter, Elise.
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Fergus a Horse to be Reckoned With by Jean Abernathy

Do you have a horse-loving kiddo? If so, sit them down in front of the screen for a special story time as Chelsea Shaffer reads "Fergus a Horse to be Reckoned With" to her daughter, Elise.
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Clip Clop by Nancy Hoag

Gather up the kiddos and sit them down to watch and listen as Horse&Rider editor Chelsea Shaffer reads "Clip Clop" to her daughter, Elise.
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A Cowgirl and Her Horse by Jean Ekman Adams

Listen to Horse&Rider editor Chelsea Shaffer read "A Cowgirl and Her Horse" to her daughter, Elise.
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What Your Kid Should Wear for His or Her First Horseback Riding Lesson

That first riding lesson is a BIG deal for your kiddo. Here's what gear he or she needs to wear.
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What Your Kid Needs to Know About Riding Horses That Nobody Can Teach

Wet saddle pads are just as good for the rider as they are for the horse. Here's why.
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Your Horse's Fitness is About A Lot More Than Winning. Here's Why.

Cow horse trainer Casey Branquinho explains why horse fitness affects how safe you are in the saddle.
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To the Kid…

Are you a kid struggling to make your dreams of competition come true? Or the parent of such kid? I have some words for you.
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Introducing: The Safe Start

A new online column from H&R Editor Chelsea Shaffer on the perils and joys of raising kids in the saddle and around the barn.
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The Pony’s Prayer

On this Mother’s Day, I wrote this poem as an ode to the pony who is making my job as a mom a little easier.
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