Horse Foaling

A chestnut pregnant mare horse stands in a green pasture field.
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Horse&Rider Monthly: Volume 12 | Foaling Guide

Springtime means new foals are hitting the ground. Be prepared for your foal with our guide.
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Mare and Foal Guide

Be prepared for foaling season with our mare and foal guide.
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Foal's First Day

Learn what to watch for—and when to call for help—by identifying foal milestones!
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Foaling Checklist promo image

Foaling Checklist

Your foaling stall is all set up--draft-free, well bedded with straw, and dimly lit. Here are seven essential items to keep on hand for your after-foaling duties, plus guidelines on how to handle your mare's afterbirth.
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Disinfecting a Foaling Stall promo image

Disinfecting a Foaling Stall

Getting ready for the arrival of a new foal? Follow these guidelines for disinfecting a foaling stall.
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