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Gallop Poll: Gooseneck or Bumper Pull?

When it comes to horse trailers, we want to hear from you! Do you pull a gooseneck trailer, or a bumper pull? Sound off, in our poll!
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Gallop Poll: Winter Hair Preferences

We want to know your winter horse hair preferences! Take our gallop poll and look for the results in our next print issue.
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Gallop Poll: What Kind of Hay Do You Feed?

Answer this survey and let us know which type of hay you feed!
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Gallop Poll: Do you Prefer a Mare or Gelding?

Take this quick and fun poll to see how your answers compare with other H&R fans!
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Gallop Poll: Trail Ride or Horse Show?

Please take our poll. It’s quick and fun!
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Gallop Poll: Ever Do Groundwork?

Please take our poll. It’s quick and fun!
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Gallop Poll: Thin, Plump, Just Right?

With this survey, we ask about your horse’s current body condition. Please take our poll!
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I’m Not Alone! (How My Horse Life Compares to Others’)

Do you ever wonder how your own horse-life choices, decisions, and preferences compare to others’? The H&R Gallop Poll is a way to find out.
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