Horseback Trail Riding

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Conquer Your Fears on the Trail

Horseman Mike Brashear helps you conquer fears as you ride out of the arena and onto wide-open trails. When you prepare your horse ahead of time, and ride actively on the trail, you’ll lead your horse on a relaxing trail ride.
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What Kind of Trail Rider are You?

Find the description of your on-the-trail persona…then learn what you can do, if need be, to improve it.
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Horses trail riding on a mountain side.

Essential Etiquette for Trail Rides

‘Mrs. Trail Manners’ tells you what you need to know to have a pleasant cross-country ride—and be invited back.
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25 Cozy Bed & Barns

Here’s the scoop on 25 cozy bed & barns, where you can vacation in style with your own horse, from coast-to-coast.
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Gaited Horses: Gaits Made Simple

Understanding a horse's gait may not be as simple as you think. Our author discusses various gaits horse's employ, how to understand them and how to train your horse to use his natural gait on cue.
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